TideBreakers Osprey The seas rage with pirates and mercenaries as flood-waters take over the world. Vicious squads of fighter subs and colossal battle-rigs tear apart the tatters of coastal nations. Every day new wars erupt over territory as international boundaries crumble into the encroaching ocean. Hunters lurk in amongst the shadows of flooded cities, preying on trade convoys and raiding the communities that eek out a living on the coasts.

In towns and aq-habs the world over, there are pilots looking for crews to join and money to earn. Every company operating offer assignments to the first taker in a bid to keep costs down. Race circuits with death or glory stakes have been set for anyone who dares to compete.

You must take advantage of everything this world deals you. Whilst some crews try desperately to keep the peace, others wring as much profit as they can from the conflict. Which tide will you take, and which will you break?

When I was very little, I used to wear three or four hats at the same time; I couldn’t decide which was best, so I just wore all of my favourites. As soon as I could hold a pen and a plectrum, I was exactly the same with telling stories. I completed two degrees in creative and professional writing, but even then a project was never just one thing; I’d write it, draw it, sometimes even compose soundtrack-music for it as if it was a film. For me, it was just a natural extension.

TideBreakers started as a world I could tell awesome stories about. Very soon it became a world that I wanted to give to people so they could make their own awesome stories in as well. Having already worked on artwork and graphics, the TideBreakers card game was an easy step to make and the two have been connected almost from the project’s first inception.

I started TideBreakers when I was about fourteen, and there have been challenges and changes since then, but the project has held firm in my imagination. I’ve kept writing, I’ve kept drawing and I’ve kept composing music. The TideBreakers world is as strong as it ever was and I want to share my story and let other people play the game to tell their own.

I also still wear hats, though nowadays it’s one at a time.


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