7. Abbi Card

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Abbi Rutherford Recruit Card

Abbi has had a strong upbringing with skirmisher class subs, and would do well piloting any sub that had high offensive capabilities. Her work with a bail enforcement crew has garnered an expertise with communications hacking, meaning that she’s a valuable asset onto any crew looking for a specific cargo. The wolf on the wing of her 77F Osprey “…Twice as strong” has grinned at many a pirate moments before their capture.

This card was drawn in pencil and ink and scanned into GIMP for colouring and shading. It’s the first appearance of both a ‘hatch tat’ – worn by people in the ‘Hatch’ subculture to simulate a cartoon style of grease – and a chargesuit, which I’ll discuss at a later date. Also worthy of note are Abbi’s glasses. They’re actually intended to be a substitute for the holographic sonar used in subs. The images obtained from sonar readings are augmented in real-time on the glass, so that even in murky water pilots can ‘see’ their surroundings.

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