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TideBreakers “Load-Out” Music

This is the first of a few pieces of music I wrote for a previous iteration of the project. Hopefully it will add an extra element of atmosphere to any TideBreakers battle you play!

These pieces of music started in a few separate places, but largely in the same way: I had an idea for a melody and couldn’t stop humming it, so had to find a way of recording it into my phone before I forgot it. One time I had to pull into a petrol station on a long drive home just so I could record it! I now have several different themes for TideBreakers and a few songs I imagine being sung in-world, too. As these pieces were originally needed to add atmosphere behind dialogue without any specific dramatic beats, I thought it could be a good opportunity to draw out some of those melodies and experiment with blending them together.

This piece incorporates a theme from a more orchestral piece for its first section, and the second section uses the chorus of the same song used in the trailer as its main melody. I wanted the feeling to evoke a coolness but with a building tension.

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