54. Wainwright Sub Release

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All-new Bluejack draws crowds at Marino Bowl ISE

Wainwright delivers once again with debut of new percussion/utility vehicle

International Submersibles Exhibition, Marino: With Catham Coast sales of Wainwright’s high-performance vehicles currently outpacing the rest of the submersible industry, the company has unveiled the latest addition to their percussion/utility line: the Mark 4 Bluejack. The arrival of the Bluejack strengthens the current range, which has already seen an 8% increase in sales in the last twelve months.

The Mark 4 Bluejack is a segment-challenging introduction. Featuring the all-new Tarpon T8 engines and a completely retooled hull the Mk4 is both the most hydrodynamic and the most power efficient percussion vessel now available. The Bluejack also includes Wainwright’s signature SwiftFin hydrofoil system for whip-sharp sub-to-surface transmission. Says Hayley Teagan, pilot for the Street Workshops Power9 racing team: “The bar has been raised with this series of Bluejack. Not only is it a dynamic dive experience like no other, but Wainwright’s upgraded wing pneumatics provide an unrivalled vertical-movement response.”

Further highlights of the Mark 4 Bluejack include:

  • A completely remodelled superstructure constructed from Wainwright’s patented Nu-Aragonite carbon-composite making for a much lighter, faster sub.
  • TUR7-alloy variable-pitch impellor-blades for a wider drive-variation and extended lifespan.
  • Solaris’s brand new Antares 5 operating system in every model, with this year’s septagonal encryption and integrated life-support functionality.
  • Gaztelua series Avionics block from Drum Innovation for enhanced satellite transmission capability, even past forty-fathoms.
  • Civilian models include bespoke brushed-steel control suite and optional leather control-board upholstery.
  • All models eligible for Wainwright’s five-year service plan, including bi-monthly re-coating with Endellec’s Super-Placoid hydrophobic compound.

Please contact Stefan Schwartz for military sales and lease enquiries.

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