53. Pirate Escape

For Immediate release:

‘Sawtooth’ escapes from Fort Cutter

Known pirate breaks free from prison following two-hour siege

Greenbank City obstruction zone, Hurst Harbour: Yara ‘Sawtooth’ Ødegärd has escaped from the Fort Cutter prison complex in the former Greenbank City following a dawn attack by the rig The Banjax. The vessel surfaced, breached the walls of the north wing using its broadside artillery and dispatched a team of armed personnel into the prison. The guards were unprepared for the attack and were unable to repel the invaders. It’s believed that several other detainees escaped with Ødegärd, most notably Cooper Lee, the captain of the Snaphance-class rig Dhangethi. It’s understood that Lee’s cell in the south wing had been discovered empty an hour before the attack and a full-scale search of the men’s prison facility had been instigated.

It is unclear what the group’s immediate plans are, but The Banjax was on an northerly heading when it left the area and there have been sonar traces of a similar-sized vessel which was unregistered on DuDock headed east past the Hewitt Gulf buoy at 0650. UWHA has issued a universal warrant to all defence contractors in the Catham Coast area for the apprehension of Yara Ødegärd and her crew. It’s advised that any security personnel engaging with The Banjax refer to the DuDock entry regarding the POR Ferrante; the rig was commandeered by the pirate crew two years ago and reports suggest that no major refits have been undertaken.

Any civilians who may encounter Ødegärd, Lee, The Banjax or her crew are advised to vacate the area and report the location and movements of the fugitives to the local defence contractor. The waters around the Greenbank City obstruction zone are now restricted to civilian and commercial vessels until further notice.

  • Yara Ødegärd has also been known to pilot a custom model ‘Shrike’ sub in skirmishes, distinguishable by the emblem of a circular table-saw on the vehicle’s front sections. She rose to notoriety through numerous acts of maritime theft, kidnap and criminal damage. Since her crew attacked and commandeered the Preston-Oscar Rig Ferrante, they have conducted multiple raids on both surface and submerged shipping.
  • There have been rumours of The Banjax and the Dhangethi crews working together for several months since the two rigs attacked the WSR Lanskrona, in Lockmead and Acre. There was already significant speculation around Ødegärd’s arrest in Hurst Harbour, as Cooper Lee had been detained in a raid by MP&M personnel only three months previous when the Dhangethi had made port.
  • Today’s attack comes amidst questions as to whether Fort Cutter is fit for purpose. Still an original building from the hillside of the former Greenbank city, the facility is now surrounded by floodwaters. This was originally seen as an added level of security, but with the prison’s inmates coming from an increasingly piratical background, questions were being raised about its suitability. Hurst Harbour governor’s office has declined to comment.
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