52. Vienna Charbun

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LP Macey’s shares its Viennese secrets

Charbun chain releases first cookbook to include coveted Viennese dough recipe

West Harris, Cates Castle: A queue of several hundred people stretched the length of five whole city blocks in Cates Castle this morning with charbun fans eager to get their hands on the new cookbook from LP Macey’s. The launch event took place at the popular chain’s oldest restaurant in Pinion Street and featured cookery demonstrations from celebrity chef Charles D’Aramitz and Daphne Tedesco, the pâttisier famous for inventing what is popularly known as the Vienna charbun.

LP Macey’s made headlines in July last year when they bought the rights to Tedesco’s recipe for her ‘Viennoiserie dough’. Since then they have announced a rise in profit of almost 32,000 Crowns. Their new recipe book is the seventh in a line started nearly ten years ago and publishing house Gazelle has declared record numbers of pre-orders for both electronic and print versions.

  • The Vienna Charbun was an instant success when Daphne Tedesco released it at ‘August’, her patisserie in Hare Haven two years ago. Suitable for both savoury and sweet fillings, the flaky butter-pastry is reminiscent of a croissant or puff-pastry, but is more suitable for the open-flame bun-irons used by most charbun restaurants.
  • Prior to her success with her Viennoiserie dough Tedesco was named as one of The Haven magazine’s ‘Top ten chefs to watch’. Other notable charbun recipes pioneered by Tedesco include ‘charpulle’ a steamed dessert dough, ‘Tedko’ an crispy oat and bread-crumb based coating and a flatbread inspired dough called simply ‘Dad’s dough’. LP Macey’s have reportedly also expressed interest in purchasing the rights to some of these other recipes.
  • The seventh edition of LP Macey’s Charbun cookbook is on sale now for S15.99.
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