51. Rig comes to rest

For Immediate release:

WSR Langesund comes to rest on Chase Dock bluffs

Recent storms force the wrecked rig onto land once again

Obstruction zone, Chase Dock: Independent salvage crews are descending onto the Chase Dock bluffs this morning as recent bad weather leaves the wreckage of the Waypoint Security Rig Langesund stranded ashore, along with the frames of numerous fighter subs. The vessels had recently been spotted in amongst the flooded ruins of Chase City after being carried in from international waters by strong tides and it’s thought that further wreckage may wash ashore in the coming days.

Emma Kowalczyk, spokesperson for the Pittman Forest area security firm MP&M, released a statement on the Tidings social news network: “We strongly recommend that the wreckage sites are left alone. Not only are the wrecks likely to be unstable and as such critically dangerous, but the bluffs themselves are known to be saturated and can trap anyone walking on them.” Similar pleas have been made by members of the Pittman Forest government, directed mainly towards the number of rooftop and tideline-floor communities in the remains of Chase City. Nevertheless, salvors from at least five separate boats have been seen climbing aboard the Langesund hull with power-tools and the partial frames of three subs have already been refloated and towed away.

  • It’s rumoured that the WSR Langesund and her escorts were destroyed following a battle with an anonymous pirate crew in the area. Official records show the fleet taking an unpermitted course through Pittman Forest waters two weeks ago and encountering difficulty. Neither Waypoint or MP&M have commented on the battle or what the next actions are with the wreckage.
  • Thanks to the dramatic increase of pirate activity in nearby international waters, strong easterly currents around the coastline and formidable tidal surges caused by the funnelling effect in the larger avenues of the Chase City ruins, wrecks washing ashore on the Chase Dock bluffs are increasingly common. In the last year there have been seven separate reports made to the Pittman Forest Receiver Of Wreck office.
  • This season also sees Chase Dock bluffs as particularly treacherous, with recent high tides saturating the soil of the former-hill to full capacity. Salvage crews often get stuck in the mud and MP&M Security even made the news last year when they deployed two new hovercraft specifically for responding to such distress calls.
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