50. Meat Farmer Protest

For Immediate release:

“Slab is murder” say meat-farmers

Over four-hundred people attend protest outside tower-farm

Childs and Aldrich tower-farm, Boyerlea: Heritage Harvests, the Land-Famers Union, today showed their outrage at the falling sales of animal-sourced meat by staging a protest outside Childs and Aldrich’s flagship tower-farm. Tractors and other farm vehicles were driven into the city as well as a herd of charolais cows. The protest comes following the tower-farm chain’s release of a new Slab drumstick product.

Jacinto Gallo, a Heritage Harvest spokesperson, said in an impassioned speech: “the fundamental paradigm that so many people have relied upon since the very dawn of humanity is reprehensively, unforgivably being made redundant by the further monopolisation of high-rise agriculture.” He blamed increasingly cheap in vitro meat for the plummeting sales of land-farmed meat, calling Childs and Aldrich’s pricing policy “so low it cuts the throats of land farmers everywhere.”

  • Many protestors held banners saying ‘We are the everymen’, following frequent claims that tower-farms’ increasing reliance on hydroponic agriculture and in vitro meat undermines the Everyman Convention.
  • Childs and Aldrich announced a 3000 Crown profit last year. Figures from Heritage Harvest suggest a 67% decrease in the purchase of land-farmed meat.
  • The new Childs and Aldrich slab drumstick is a chicken-based hybrid meat on a heatproof ‘bone’ made of a recyclable biobased polymer.
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