49. Sonar Research

For Immediate release:

Napier Bay reserve to be used in Holoso research

Drum plan to use dolphins to test new sonar equipment

Napier Bay, Larkin Tower: Technology giant Drum Innovation has today announced plans for a new research programme to be run in conjunction with the Anaya Wildlife Foundation at the Napier Bay reserve. The research will be based at locations in the north and southeast of the reserve and incorporate two groups of bottlenose dolphins. The aim of the research is to test and develop the company’s new ‘Kveldsrøde’ sonar array, observing how it can be better integrated with marine wildlife.

“We’re very excited to start work with the AW foundation and the Napier Bay dolphins,” said Drum Innovation CEO, Hollis Benoit at a press conference held in Larkin Tower earlier today. “We hope that further breakthroughs in safety and efficiency can be made with the Kveldsrøde system by close study of the behaviours and abilities of these endlessly fascinating animals.”

  • Studies on dolphins were also held by Bellamy Inc. during the development of their own flagship sonar product, the TU-98. The three dolphins, named Betty, Dotty and Hatty were the subject of a programme that lasted just under four years and have recently been released back into the wild.
  • The research programme is launching amongst rising tension from environmental rights groups Leaf Alone and Ocean Legion who are calling for a ban of the use of sonar equipment operating between certain frequencies after a paper published by leading marine biologist Albin Sjöberg suggested that some models of modern sonar are disrupting the habits of marine mammals even when operating outside of internationally recognised wildzone lines.
  • Last month saw widespread media coverage of an activist raid on a Swenson Co. factory where an estimated 350 Crowns worth of holoso equipment was destroyed.
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