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Adiela Louw apologises after bungled raid causes destruction

“I was wrong and I’m sorry,” says star of ‘Corsairs Uncut: Live’

Red Maltings Run Sea-zone: Coracle personality Adiela Louw has personally met with the inhabitants of the Key Baxter rooftop settlement after they mistakenly raided some of the town’s recent building work suspecting it of being a smugglers’ outpost. In an operation co-ordinated by the local security contractors, Estrada Incorporated, Louw captained the squad that attacked the waterline floors of the submerged Newgate building, causing the palafittes above to partially collapse. Filming was cut at around 0320 hours when it became clear that the inhabitants were civilians.

“This is indicative of the crass indifference the media offers the people of these settlements,” said McKinley Maurer, spokesman for Venture Forth, a group campaigning for the rights and welfare of microstates across the Beldore Main. “The lack of consideration for the lives affected by these actions just proves that viewing figures are their greatest concern.” No injuries have been reported following the incident, but the inhabitants have reacted coldly to the destruction of their property. “The smugglers treat us better than this,” said one Key Baxter resident. “Though I suppose Adiela did apologise.” Lowdown Films, the production company owned by Adiela Louw have agreed to cover the costs of recovering and reconstructing the three palafitte shelters that were lost in the building collapse and have reportedly offered to pay for further supplies and building materials.

  • Key Baxter is one of a growing number of settlements built upon the rooftops and above-waterline floors of submerged city blocks. Situated atop the Brandon Hall complex of office buildings, it declared itself a self-governing microstate three years ago, and has a population of just under 150 people.
  • The Red Maltings Run area has seen a dramatic rise in illegal smuggling in recent months following the tightening of laws governing the transit of produce and livestock between land-farms and a reclassification of sourcing requirements for powercore charging.
  • Corsairs Uncut: Live has been in the news more than once in the last year following ongoing allegations that they staged their most famous broadcast, a dogfight with an unidentified pirate group attacking a cargo rig on the Minesbridge Station trade-route.
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