47. Press Release – Waypoint Sub Base

For Immediate release:

Pirate attack stalls rigbase construction

Waypoint Security Commissioner issues statement of ‘remorseless condemnation’

Bakery-Tower Islands, DYP: Construction at Waypoint Security’s controversial rigbase has been brought to a halt following an attack from what is thought to have been submarine pirates. The Bakery Tower site is a land reclamation project using sediment to reinforce the sandbar forming around the submerged rooftops of the office-block complex, ready for construction of the rigbase planned early next year. Its fleet of dredgers came under attack on Wednesday afternoon by a small squadron reportedly using Phaeton submersibles.

Following a swift response from two Waypoint submersible patrols, the attackers retreated, with five of the seven dredger vessels saved. Waypoint District Commissioner Harriet Baxter offered this statement: “We would like to reassure the people of the Dye Plains that every effort is being made to bring this vicious gang to justice. I, along with the rest of Waypoint Security offer remorseless condemnation in response to these actions.” Commissioner Baxter then went on to say that work will continue following current bad weather.

Following the attack:

  • Waypoint submersible patrols in the area have been doubled, and shipping routes from the Dye Plains to Godsmeadow are now completely reopened.
  • There have been unconfirmed reports that the group was a hired mercenary force.
  • Trapper J Metcalf, the former Governor of nearby Monroe Gate warned on social media that the attack could well be the first of many with the rising anger at the rigbase’s construction.
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