42. Leviathan Sub Card

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20-20 Leviathan (Standard) Card

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Sub manufacturer Redstart had their breakthrough with the mark 1 Leviathan. It was one of the first subs to use an active ballast system which negated the need for a second elevator wing. Unlike other manufacturers, the Redstart designers quickly realised that the craft’s pneumatics would need extra protection, leading to a sub that was both highly maneuverable and very strong. A masterclass in uncomplicated design, the Lev’ is one of the most reliable subs on the market and has become the workhorse of a large number of PMCs. Its modular design system allows for extensive customisation and Redstart now even runs its own custom shop, offering bespoke modified models at no extra cost.

Keen-eyed followers of TideBreakers may note that the Leviathan crops up more than any other sub. I suppose in this way it’s a mascot for the series and I definitely still find myself doodling this sub more than any other. It was the first ‘proper’ TideBreakers sub that I designed, and its single-wing and dual-engines was at once so familiar and so new that it confirmed the character of the world that I was looking for.

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