41. Hannah Moncrieff Recruit Card

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Hannah Moncrieff Recruit Card

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Known for a cool head under fire, Hannah developed a talent for covert onshore operations when training with MP&M. After leaving the security company, she joined the crew of bail enforcement rig The Cable and her service record was quickly noted. Before long, Hannah became the first officer of The Cable’s onshore strike force and stories abound of her conducting missions in pirate-bases, hacking into enemy subs and returning them to the rig before the enemy crew were even aware of her presence.

I feel it’s worth noting that this was the first card I illustrated entirely on the Cintiq, without any pencil-and-paper sketching at all beforehand. I’m really pleased with how it came out, especially as it feels like the composition of the image makes the most of the space afforded by the card’s shape, and because it was a really defined sort of lighting effect to depict. I’m really looking forward to practicing my technique and improving on future cards!

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