4. Moray Card

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775-A Moray (Custom)

A very fast assault sub with good scope for further customisation. This model has improved armour compared to the standard frame and whilst its payload is still quite low and the same reliability issues remain, both of these drawbacks are vastly offset by this Moray’s specialty against Siege subs and excellent performance under duress.

This was also drawn with the same process as the previous card. The sub’s paintjob is based on a camouflage scheme used in World War 1 known as ‘dazzle’ camouflage. Even though it went largely out of use due to radar and aircraft advancement it was still somewhat useful against submarines, hence the use in TideBreakers. The background is a different section of the sketchup city, from an area of Freeholt which is submerged. I finished this piece with some custom brushes from Obsidian Dawn.

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