37. Suranda Card

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Suranda Ahluwalia Recruit Card

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Recognising her talent for engineering at an early age, Suranda was first recruited by a small sub repair firm in her home town of Chase Docks. After watching wrecks wash-up on the bluffs of the flooded ruins of Chase City all her life, she finally convinced her boss to let her take out a small team to salvage a few subs and bring them back to the workshop. Despite fierce competition from other salvagers, Suranda’s venture was a resounding success and she continues to cultivate a reputation for being able to bring subs back from the dead.

Suranda is a ‘tag’ – one of the two most popular teenage subcultures. This is evident by the ‘tags’ tatooed on her forearms and the self-painted clothing synonymous with tag fashion. This was one of the first cards I did almost exclusively in Manga Studio, with only the pencils being scanned. The software I was formerly using was gimp, which – whilst a very powerful freeware programme that I do still use for design work – couldn’t quite get the precision of line for illustration that I was looking for (at least I couldn’t with my Wacom Intuos!).

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