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TideBreakers Print Book 1

This is the first TideBreakers print book and collects all of the following cards into one print-and-play file:

– Chris Usbourne
– 775-A Moray (Custom)
– Abbi Rutherford
– 77F Osprey (Standard)
– Ben Chung
– RR-S5 Thresher (Standard)
– GCC “Covington Express”
– GCC “Kessler Security”
– Archard Ochoa
– 22 Warfire (Standard)
– Mavis ‘Maves’ Trahern
– 80-80 7B Neptune (Custom)

and the following Routier Pages:

– “The Flamin’ First”
– “The Skillet Hussars”

Click the link to download the PDF from Patreon for free! Hold fast and dive strong!

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