27. Neptune Card

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80-80 7B Neptune (Custom)

What this cargo sub lacks in speed it makes up for in endurance and payload space. Whilst only slightly more expensive that the standard model, this custom Neptune has significantly improved offensive capability, including now being able to counteract attacks from siege-grade classes. With a high level of armour it’s bound to withstand even a heavy attack, but it could be complemented by a pilot with a hastier or more aggressive disposition.

The background to this card may strike you as anomalous, and it’s actually because it was one of the first sub cards I started. I really wanted to include the kind of flooded-city detail seen here in all of the sub cards, but it took so long to ink the background that I originally decided it might be better to use the SketchUp cityscape used in other cards. I do prefer the way this looks though, so hopefully in the future I’ll finder a quicker workflow and be able to offer more cards like this. The slight lighting effect in the background is a custom brush from Obsidian Dawn.

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