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‘The Skillet Hussars’ Routier Page

This is the emblem for ‘The Skillet Hussars’, the private military company the TideBreakers novella series is set around. The name actually came from something of a random word association – the word skillet and the word hussar was floating around my head and just happened to bump into each other while I was trying to think of a name for the group.

I liked this name because it fitted the brief I had for myself quite well – I wanted the name to be memorable and interesting, but not too overly threatening as the group is largely a defensive force. The fact that someone would have picked this name and design also fits with the light-hearted nature of Archard, the PMC’s commanding officer; I liked the idea of him thinking up this logo, snorting to himself and nodding that it was the correct way to go, even though he realised it was really unusual.

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