21. Warfire Card

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22 Warfire (Standard)

True to Redstart form, the Warfire is a moderately priced, reliable assault sub with excellent durability. Whilst armour has always been a priority for Redstart’s Assault sub line, it isn’t to the detriment of any of the Warfire’s other attributes, though deploying a pilot with a higher propensity for speed might be a good decision. With a good payload and decent scope for upgrades, the Warfire is a solid choice for any sub squad.

As the manufacturer of this sub tends to use names from classic mythology, I wanted something to reflect that without resorting to things that people may have heard before. I always had the concept for Greek Fire – fire that the Ancient Greeks supposedly used in ship combat which couldn’t be doused with water – but the name was too longwinded. After looking into it for a while, I found that an alternative name for Greek Fire was ‘Warfire’, which suited the purpose a lot better. You may also notice the ‘dazzle’ camouflage as was also used on the Moray, before. This piece was finished with custom brushes from Obsidian Dawn.

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