19. Prologue 3

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TideBreakers: Death On Foils

Neil Ramsgate is set to review a sub for DiveWings magazine, but circumstances beyond his control mean that his morning goes from bad to worse. Before long, Neil finds himself unwittingly embroiled in the aftermath of one of the most bizarre crimes to have occurred in The Marino Bowl; an attack by the dancing vigilante ‘The Lindy-Hopper’.

Neil rolled onto his back on the control board. He lifted up his handphone and selected the ‘Matilda Boston’ contact to audio-call.
“Well,” he said as the chirrup of the call-tone started. “Let’s see what that fuss was all about.”
After a moment’s wait, a lady’s voice came through. “Wow?” She spoke with a pronounced American accent.
Neil sat forward on the control-board slightly. “Uh… hello?”
“No.” The lady sounded put-out. “Wow? As in, ‘wow, diver’?”
“Right.” Neil furrowed his brow. “Am I – ”
“You say ‘Wow Diver’ when I say ‘Wow’, ok?”
“…Wow?” Neil blinked confusedly at the pinion-track of the nearest lift rail.
“No, not yet.” She spoke with genuine exasperation “Wow is a greeting. So: wow?”
“No! Wow! Wow!”
Neil rubbed his eyes. “Am I speaking to Matilda – ”
“Look,” she snapped. “Do you want to have a conversation or not?”
“I’m here to talk about the new Rapide?”
“Oh,” she said with real pity. “You are silent.”

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