15. Routier Page 1

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Flamin’ First Routier Page

Routier pages are the way that players store their cards and prepare them for battle. They are an integral part of the way TideBreakers is played and represent many things, chief of all (at the moment) sub-squads. For this reason I thought it would be cool for each sub-squad page to have some distinctive nosecone art, similar to planes from the second-world war. Admittedly, nosecone art often involved pin-up girls in one way or another but I decided that I’d opt for the more cartoon-like nosecone art to keep a more universal appeal and to fit with the gender integrated rosters seen in TideBreakers.

This character is called ‘Hamish Fish’ and actually hails from a very very early version of TideBreakers. Back in the early days of designing the game I was making all of the playtesting graphics on MS Word’s publishing function, using the Bezier pen to draw custom shapes. To have a bit of a break from that I drew a pencil sketch of Hamish and took a picture of him with my laptop’s webcam. I then opened the image in MS Word and carefully outlined him using the Bezier pen tool! This version is updated using actual graphics software, though I really wasn’t too disappointed with the results I achieved in Word!

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