12. Thresher Card

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RR-S5 Thresher (Standard)

A fast craft, the standard Thresher is a solid sub offering a broad range of abilities. Whilst slightly more expensive than other merchant subs available, it does earn its 6 crown price-tag with good durability across its speed and armour and its upgrade potential is in line with the rest of the merchant market. Threshers would do well with pilots of most skill-sets, though it might be an idea to deploy a more aggressive pilot to offset the drop in the sub’s offensive output if damaged.

I really enjoyed doing the paintjob for this sub! The original idea was that it would be the colour scheme for Waypoint Security, which is the largest private military company in TideBreakers. In the novella series, however, the Waypoint colour-scheme is slightly brighter than this, so I may have to try something else. This won’t be the last time I use it, though! The piece was finished in GIMP with custom brushes from Obsidian Dawn.

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