11. Ben Card

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Ben Chung Recruit Card

Most recently working as a shipping escort pilot in Rosas Security Inc, Ben is renowned for his fast piloting. His skill as a Woad pilot offers plenty of opportunities to be a devastating asset, especially in fast subs. Ben is also known for appreciating a good charbun, and is a regular fixture at any LP Maceys local to where he’s stationed.

Pencil/ pen/ scan/ colouring in GIMP. This was the first image I tried adding background figures to and I think it worked out quite well to add depth without taking away from the main character. Worthy of note here is the handphone Ben is wearing on his left hand, and the whistle on his right wrist; look out for more information about the ‘Silver Whistle Campaign’ in the future. He’s also eating a ‘Charbun’ – a cuisine I invented for a different series of stories, but which I added to TideBreakers to offer an interesting aspect to the world.

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