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TideBreakers video trailer

I thought it might be cool to have a short video trailer I could use to quickly evoke the tone of the project to people who hadn’t seen it. I wrote a short script and passed the word around to some of my friends that I was looking for voices. I figured it would be fine for everyone to use their phones to record the audio as the dialogue would have to be scuzzed up a bit for the radio effect anyway, so I was able to co-ordinate the project from home, whilst everyone emailed me their takes. I was really chuffed with the performances I got from everyone and it sounded great even with just the dialogue alone!

As I already had a load of TideBreakers foley effects recorded and mixed for a video I was planning almost a year before, I was able to add those in without too much extra effort. The music is a snippet of a folk song I’ve written from the perspective of a character in TideBreakers. I had an idea of how it would be drawn out to fit the atmosphere, and pretty much just improvised the guitar to match – that’s me singing too! I wanted the last effect to be the sound of waves from underwater, so I recorded a load of sound from the beach down the road, but eventually found that the best effect was some stock audio of a scuba mask with some drastic EQ. Fun fact: that’s not the last you’ll hear about the WSR Langesund – she appears as part of a news story I’ve written for release later on!

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