55. Skyview Plaza ruins collapse

For Immediate release:

State of alert after Skyview Plaza collapses

Exclusion zone enforced around Shelton Mast ruins

Shelton Mast citywreck zone:
Citizens across Shelton Mast were awoken by the sound of flood sirens this morning as the Skyview Plaza tower in the city’s citywreck zone collapsed in the incoming tide, causing a forty-meter-high impact wave. Experts believe the collapse to be caused by a dangerous level of subsidence following saturation around the building’s foundations. It is not thought that there was anyone in the immediate vicinity, but preliminary reports indicate that several of the submerged city blocks adjacent have been almost entirely destroyed by the falling debris, with nearby buildings showing signs of severe damage. Personnel from Preston-Oscar, the security contractor in Shelton Mast, are enforcing a five-kilometre exclusion zone around the ruins while an emergency survey can be done to assess the damage and risk of any further collapse.

All shipping routes into Shelton Mast are currently closed, with vessels being advised to anchor at the Andrade Buoy and await further instruction. An evacuation is also currently underway in the districts bordering the Shelton Mast sea-defences amidst concerns that similar subsistence may have affected the structural integrity of several structures closer to shore. Whilst the Skyview Plaza’s impact wave was largely dissipated by the surrounding tower-blocks there are fears that buildings nearer to the revetment could pose a significant risk to life if they also collapsed.

  • The building’s collapse comes just three weeks after the nation-state’s government cut short a survey by the geotechnical engineering firm Heller and Doss to assess the citywreck’s structural integrity.
  • Built in 1938 and standing at just over 200 metres, the Skyview Plaza building was a prominent feature in the Shelton Mast skyline. It was the city’s tallest building until the Faulk International tower was completed in 1954. Owned by the Tobin family, Skyview Plaza once housed offices for companies including Fielding, Huffman and Co. and the NBI television channel. Famously, it was one of the last buildings to be occupied as the city flooded, with the top twenty-seven floors remaining out of the water until its collapse.
  • Recent years have seen several high-profile buildings overpowered by flood waters: three years ago both the Alfaro building and the Festival Tower in Blackbar Cache fell following subsistence; specialist demolition teams were hired to bring down the Horner and Knight building in Maybeeches last year and a rescue team even had to be dispatched to retrieve a teenager who had encountered difficulties diving in the wreck of a recently collapsed structure in Cates Castle whilst trying to collect pictures for his Tidings social-news account.

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